Magnetic Boresighter


Dial in your firearm fast and easy with the new Weaver Magnetic Boresighter. This handy tool makes quick work of scope sight-ins; saving you time, money and the headache of wasting rounds while you try to zero your firearm. The unit magnetically attaches to most firearms and features an internal target for rapid adjustments. Simply align your scope's reticle with the boresighter's specialized internal target for reliable preliminary sight-in. Lightweight and compact, the Weaver Magnetic Boresighter is a must-have for any shooter's range bag.

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Part Number Description MSRP
849745 Magnetic Boresighter $44.45
• Mounts easily to most muzzles using a magnet
• Aligns scope reticle with bore for initial sight-in
• Compact design for on-the-go adjustments
• Simple operation for easy preliminary optic adjustments