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Picatinny Ring Cap

Make your rings work harder with the new Picatinny Ring Cap. Designed to replace the top ring section of our popular Tactical 6-Hole Ring (in either 1" or 30mm), these new ring caps cleverly incorporate a small Picatinny rail section that’s ideal for mounting a small dot optic over a magnified scope. Don’t let your need for serious magnification keep you from the close quarter action of a dot optic. Mount our new Picatinny Ring Cap and get the best of both worlds.

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Part Number Description MSRP
99665 Tactical Picatinny Ring Cap 1" $18.95
99664 Tactical Picatinny Ring Cap 30mm $18.95
• Replaces either Weaver Tactical 6-Hole 1" or 30mm ring caps
• Provides a small Picatinny rail section
• Perfect for mounting small dot optics over a magnified scope